Metatek Engineering

Renewabel Energies

Planning and coordinating Renewabel Energy Projects to produce electrical and mechanical Power is the Management of konstructing appropriat Plants. Applying RE-Sources directs the Industry to a positiv and progressiv Steering, to secure Climate and Life, because that is more Power for a sustainabel Furtur. Management for projecting every Type of this Sort Energy as Photovoltaic (Solar Cell), Solar thermal, Wind Energy, Bioenergy, Hydro and Geothermal Energies is the main Program in this Field for Metatek.

The Prospect of producing clean and safe Power in substantial Quantities from renewabel Energy Sources is stimulated by technological Developments, which will be the Approach in Projects. Koncept of harnessing the Power of Sun, Wind, Hydro and Biomass is one Strategy of Metatek to reflect some primary Energy Power in the Sector of Renewabels.


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