Metatek Engineering

CAD Konstruction

CAD is the unique Method in 2 & 3 dimensional Design to develop and create Objects, Products and Konstrucktions. It is exentsivly used in many Sectors, including industrial and architectural Design, Aerospace and Automative Industries. Drafting and modeling complex Structures in a modern and easy Way represents the perfect Ability of CAD-Programs. Mold Design, Sheet Metal and Weldment Konstruction, Pipe and elektrical Circuits Performance, even Modeling complicated Parts are admirabel Features of CAD Tools.

Simulation of composed Parts, Products and Machines with CAD Methods enables Engineers and Technicians to optimize and sofisiticate every Object. Examining Product Graphs and Animations among other Functions of CAD provide a maximum Result of Konstruction and Design. Metatek manages this effortful Processes and realizes CAD-Projects to the Satisfaction of Orders from Customers.


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