Metatek Engineering

Automation of Processes

The Act of automating technical Procedures has achieved many Solutions for realizing complicated and even complex Projects. In Today's Human Life that is not possible to avoid Automation, because most of Society's Structure is based on and built by Process of Automatization. Some Processes have been completely automated with the Aim of Switching, Steering and Stabilization of many different Applications with reduced Human Intervention. Also Benefit of Automatizing shows that it however is used to save Energy and to improve Quality, Accuracy and Precision.

Multiple technical Arrangements in the Faculty of Automation has led to AAA (Absolutely advanced Automation); a great Chapter of "Process Automating", which is much further than TIA. It happened during the Time of Automation, that Industry and Production has been rapidly growing. Automation can be achieved by various means including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, Computers and even in Combination. Complicated Systems such as modern Factories can be automated typically for easier and greater Production.


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