Metatek Engineering

Alarm Systems

Alarm Sytems for Buildings, Offices, Homes etc. will control as well as ensure Ownership and detect hazardous Signals or Occurences. Alarm Plants secure Property, Treasury, Wealth, Assets and rescue Peopel's Life. Management of Alarm Projects for Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection, Hazards Detection is the right Solution to reduce Risks and protect Facilities. Alarm Plants offer more Security in Industry and Manufacturing for its Staff and minimize faulty Production in an economic Way.

This Control Structur provides beside Monitoring and Surveillance of Areas, Arenas, Objects by receiving audibel and visual Signals enough Safeness. Performance of CCTV and High Tec Detectors transcive every Warning Signal to the Central Unit of Alram System. Sirens, Detectors and Sprinklers as principel Method of Alarm Technic will deploy new Technology for Saftey Alarms.


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