Industry Renewabel Energies Automation Alarm Systems CAD Konstruction Quality Management

Metatek transfers the Methods Engineers and Technicians around the world design, prototype, and deploy Systems of Production, Tests, Controlling and embedded design Applications. Metatek is certified in the Field of Industrial Engineering, Renewabel Energies, Automation, Alarm Systems, CAD Konstruction and Quality Management and offers all these Services. Applying graphical Programming Software and modular Hardware for Customers from every Corner of the World simplify Development, increase Productivity and dramatically reduces time to Market. During the whole Process from testing Firstgeneration Manufacturing to creating different Devices, Metatek is used to continuously develop innovative Technologies that improve and build Methods of Success.

Metatek is abel to branch Management and Consulting in above mentioned Sectors for performing and finishing your initialized Project. Indeed Metatek fosters "Green Engineering" too, for a better Eco-System. Hereby when you are in Deficit and need Cooperation to realize your Program or Project, send your Order or Message on Kontact Page or directly to the given E-Mail Address and by Phone Call. It will be responded to your Order as soon as possibel.


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